KUENTA | Rais (CD)
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Rais (CD)


Kuenta i Tambu presents their new album: Rais


  1. Sangura
  2. Bon Bon
  3. Bongo Boy
  4. Chickenbone
  5. Obrero
  6. Mi Kueru
  7. Dutch Major Leaguer ft. Schlachthofbronx
  8. Roll
  9. Aloe ft. Cookachoo
  10. Our Children ft. Bert on Beats
  11. E Kalakuna
  12. Naughty
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The name of the album is Rais, which means Roots in Papiamentu.

Why roots:
It has a lot to do with the way the album was produced and recorded, the rhythms used, the way of singing, all the influences you hear and the fact that half of the album was recorded in Curacao, the island where bandleader Roël Calister was born and raised. Most of the drums i.e. were recorded live from the beginning to the end of the song. Also the bigger part of the sound samples you hear were obtained organically instead of “out of the computer”
Take for instance “Obrero”. Everything you hear in this song was recorded live by band members. All the drums, claps, vocals , kick drum and handclaps. The Choires were recorded by traditional tambú singers in Curacao. The vocal sample that sounds throughout the whole song, is the lead singer drumming on his throat while singing a melody.
Another example is the song “Bon Bon”. The song starts in a very traditional way combining drums and vocals. All harmonies are produced through singing and by the layering of different voices. All the rhythms in all verses and interludes were also played live by band members.
Also a song like “our children”. The voices of the children were recorded live. They’re actually singing a childrens rhyme known in quite a few countries throughout the world. Ofcourse they’re singing it in papiamentu.
We also added the song E kalakuna to the album. This song was never officially released but it’s the first song ever written by Kuenta i Tambu. This is where it all started.

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